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Moderator: What is the least sexy thing about being an actor?

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“The appeal to me was exactly the same appeal that I had in doing the original, which is that I look around at the landscape and I look at my children and what is on television for them, and there are very few shows that are like this, what we aspire this show to be. I think of Boy Meets World and I think of Wonder Years and I think of Happy Days, which I grew up [with]. The thing that delineates this show is that I don’t want this to be anything except the natural experience of actually growing up in this current world. I’m reading a lot about, “Is this girl going to be a singer? Is this girl going to aspire to be an actress?” This is a girl who is going to aspire to put one foot in front of the other and to try and understand the confusion that is her life. That’s what I think becomes real about this show. The stories we intend on doing are stories about a real girl who is coming of age. The beauty of this show is the girl will have two parents whom the world has already watched come of age and their natural confusion in the next step of Cory and Topanga’s own evolution: being parents. I’m looking at what the condition of the world is right now for kids who are growing up and if we can offer the same sort of guidance and entertainment that Boy Meets World offered, then the show is a good thing to do right now.”

Michael Jacobs on Girl Meets World

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It’s a little video, it’s a little video, it’s a little video about twins.

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What happened to the fish tank, by the way?